From the grassroots volunteer efforts our agencies support locally to the global partnerships our networks forge, we support community engagement at every level of our organization.

Our Commitment

Omnicom is committed to serving the community at large through volunteering, fundraising and producing powerful pro bono work for non-profit clients. Check out all the ways Omnicom and its agencies have worked to make the communities we live in better for all.


Volunteer hours donated by Ketchum employees

Students reached by Eco-Ranger performances across South Africa

Non-profits made accessible via the newly launched PeopleConnect volunteer network

Community Case Studies

Take a closer look at some of the most compelling campaigns from our agencies around the world.


Off the Street Club
Hope is Tougher

Chicago, IL, USA

A bullet hole in a window of Off the Street Club, a West Garfield Park refuge for kids and teenagers, was a shocking reminder of the 93 murders of young Chicagoans last year. But, it also became a symbol of hope in an Energy BBDO campaign that drew more than two million donations.

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