Education programs can have a profound impact — not just on the people they reach directly, but on our larger community, economy and society. That’s why we’re committed to promoting lifelong learning and ensuring quality education for all.

Taking the Lead on Education

As part of our commitment to the Common Ground Initiative, companies across our global networks are already tackling the challenges of ensuring inclusive education through client work, fundraising, volunteering and advocacy campaigns.


Campaigns that support education worldwide

Employees raised nearly $300,000 for Room to Read projects

Agency leaders have attended Omnicom University

A Closer Look

See how we’re working to create change and expand access to education across the globe.


Project Literacy

London, UK

Illiterate people are more likely to live in poverty, lack education and miss out on opportunities to participate in society and join the workforce. Flamingo London partnered with Pearson’s Project Literacy to develop a messaging campaign showing how illiteracy contributes to social and economic hardships.

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