Around the world, Omnicom agencies, and the people who work at them, contribute time, passion and creativity to champion urgent causes that impact the communities where we work and live.

Client Campaigns that Deliver Change

Our global agency networks continued to help their for-profit and pro bono clients drive progress on social and environmental issues in local communities.


Volunteer hours donated by Ketchum employees

Donated by Omnicom to the American Red Cross in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irene

In pro bono services provided to local non-profits through FH4Inclusion Program


Creating a new country, the Trash Isles, to force us to clean up our oceans


In the North Pacific, an area of trash the size of France has formed. On World Oceans Day, Plastic Oceans Foundation and LADbible applied to the UN to recognise Trash Isles as a country because, if recognised, other countries have to help clean it up. The campaign created everything a country needs – currency (Debris), a passport, a national flag and stamps for official correspondence. The campaign reached over half a billion people with a total of over 50 million video views.

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