Making a World of Difference

Omnicom agencies around the globe have a history of volunteering in, and engaging with, their local communities.


Committed to education during Theirworld’s #WriteTheWrong campaign in partnership with BBDO and Porter Novelli.

Cloth bags collected and donated to hospitals by OMG Thailand to combat nonrecyclable plastic bag waste.

Items donated through DAS Gives Back to CASA-NYC to help the organization’s Pregnant and Parenting Youth (PPY) Initiative


Viva La Vulva

AMV BBDO and Ketchum, BBDO

Challenging taboos around the female body

Viva La Vulva is a campaign with at its heart, a lip-sync music video with a twist: it shows a beautiful diversity of vulvas singing loud and proud to the women who love them. Girls are not born ashamed of their genitals. Yet over half of women are embarrassed by theirs and a growing number wonder how to “get the perfect vagina”. How can you care for something if you do not love it the way it is? Libresse, a feminine care brand, who were new to intimate care in Europe, along with AMVBBDO and Ketchum decided to dynamite the myth of the perfect vulva through much-needed diversity and positivity that culture and the category were denying because the only imperfect vulva is the one that is silenced and unloved.

COVID-19 RESPONSE: A 2020 Summary

As the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the world, Omnicom agencies have worked tirelessly to support their communities and provide clients the services and solutions they need during these unprecedented times. Here are a few examples.