At Omnicom, we’re attracting and retaining the best talent by strengthening and expanding our strategic partnerships with key organizations in the DE&I community that share Omnicom’s values.

Community Initiatives

We are committed to creating, producing and launching initiatives where we can share insights, information and perspectives within the Omnicom family, with our clients and with the public.


OPEN Chats video series for candid conversations on DE&I topics


a landmark strategic partnership with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)


significantly with nearly 1,600 certified diverse suppliers to date


as an Iconic Leader company of The Valuable 500

Agency Initiatives


Innovative Supplier Diversity


OMG In 2021, Omnicom Media Group (OMG) formed a landmark strategic partnership with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) – America's most influential and successful minority business development organization – to expand opportunities for creators of color and offer OMG clients a new channel for diverse investment. At Omnicom, we recognize the influential role we can play in removing structural barriers for diverse suppliers in the advertising ecosystem. Through our partnership, OMG identifies candidates for NMSDC's minority business enterprise (MBE) certification, which validates that a business is at least 51% minority-owned and operated and helps create eligibility for diverse supplier contracts. OMG is establishing a grant program that will reimburse the MBE application fee for each candidate. These MBE-certified creators will also be eligible to participate in OMG’s comprehensive media and advertising education program supported within NMSDC Academy. By the end of 2022, OMG plans to sponsor certification for 500 diverse creators.


Community Partnerships


Our partnerships with other organizations committed to DE&I help Omnicom effect far-reaching change in new and exciting ways. Some of these partnerships making a real difference include: • The Value 500: Omnicom is designated as an Iconic Leader company of The Valuable 500, a global collaboration of companies that have formally pledged to put disability inclusion on their business leadership agenda. Omnicom is working to transform the customer experience for people with disabilities across these partner companies. We are collaborating with consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble and The Valuable 500 team to co-create the Customer Experience (CX) Audit tool. This interactive instrument will allow The Valuable 500 companies to audit their customer journeys, identify barriers and optimize them to be more inclusive of people with disabilities. • ADCOLOR: Our partnership with ADCOLOR gives Omnicom the opportunity to network with top diverse talent in the industry. It also provides us with the opportunity to put our thought leaders on the main stage of a leading industry event. By putting our DE&I ideas and progress in front of this audience, we attract talent who share our values and our commitment to DE&I. • Omnicom also invested in the following organizations in the last year, enhancing DE&I initiatives and community reach. o Asian University for Women o DoTheWeRQ o GLAAD o 4A's Multicultural Intern Programo American Advertising Federation's Most Promising Multicultural Student program o Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) o o Institute for Public Relations o Shave for a Cure o The LAGRANT Foundation


Collaborating with the Māori


OMD created a partnership in 2021 to honor and collaborate with the indigenous Māori community in New Zealand. Working with a Māori creative agency partner, the Māori director develops integrated media and creative business projects with an Indigenous world view. To do this requires a nuanced understanding of the community’s language, protocols, practices, history and connections to the people and land. OMD and its Māori partners hope this model can inspire similar collaborations with other Indigenous groups.


Listening to a Diverse Canon

Wolff Olins

Challenging perceptions of who is allowed to play classical music, Chineke! is Europe’s first majority Black and ethnically diverse orchestra. Founded in 2015, the orchestra prioritizes diverse voices who have historically been excluded from classical music and a more diverse canon of musical selections. As Chineke! rose in popularity and status, they worked with Wolff Olins to develop a new purpose statement to guide their next level of impact: “We exist to break down barriers, unleashing classical music’s full potential.”


Sign Language on TikTok

BBDO Chile

BBDO Chile worked with Esilense, a school dedicated to teaching Chilean Sign Language to those in the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community, to create a viral TikTok moment. With nearly 1 million deaf people in Chile and less than 1% of the country knowing sign language, BBDO Chile tapped TikTok influencers to close the enormous gap between the Deaf and hearing communities by turning sign language into translation behind the choreography and helped thousands of TikTok users learn Chilean Sign Language.


Inspiring Career Paths


In Hong Kong, ethnic minorities are discriminated against in employment and education, creating a vicious cycle that fuels cross-generation poverty and limits the imagination and career goals of many youths. Only 10% of South Asians ages 18-22 continue with further education in Hong Kong, limiting many youths to low-pay, low-skill jobs. To break the cycle, TBWA Hong Kong launched The Job Shadow, a mentorship program to inspire minority South Asian high schoolers with alternative career options. Through creative storytelling with independent filmmaker Arjan Jin, TBWA created a documentary that follows the high schoolers through the program. The film uses intimate interviews with participants to help viewers understand their attitudes about future career paths and their innate potential to succeed in jobs that once appeared to be out of reach.